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  • full configurations
  • Balances PVP & PVM
  • General configurations
  • Customs y MIX's
  • Beta 10 Days


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Beta Test

Once ServerMu is delivered, the client will have 10 days of beta test to test the server, after those days ConfigServerMu is not responsible for future configurations, also after those days it is requested to change the vps password, since we do not do responsible for changes to files

Support and Communication

ConfigServerMu against discord does not answer private calls, request a call through discord and the responding support will be given. ConfigServerMu, being a staff of 3 people, can help you practically 24 hours a day.

Balance PVP & PVM

Our staff maintains an Argentine hour work schedule when carrying out the work, the Client is invited to the discord to witness the work.


Our staff maintains full control of the vps when configuring, if our staff is configuring a requested service and the client touches those configurations in the creation period of the mu, we automatically leave the project without refunding the money, the same before any misuse of the files without first consulting us.

Full Payment

We carry out work only if the client makes full payment for the work! We are a serious company and have a staff.


ConfigServerMu is a staff of mu online configurators, we are not programmers, therefore if when hiring us the files or web have programming errors, we are not responsible.

Web Configuration

When you hire our service we also configure your website, but we are not responsible for programming errors, hacks or misuse of the website!

Security and Trust

ConfigServerMu has been working since its inception with the company that provides total security to the client, when hiring our service

Automatic Bypass

Any lack of Respect towards any ConfigServerMu staff will automatically terminate the Service

Work Rules

It is the client's full responsibility to know that if any person from the staff is configuring the files, they cannot be manipulated by anyone. More than by the Configservermu staff, if any member of the staff realizes this. the project is abandoned without a return of payment Clients who come from another host it is recommended to notify in advance where they come from because we are not responsible for hacking, file modification or mistreatment of our person


by hiring our configuration service and not handling a high cost in the current market, we do not refund payments, since we are a staff of 3 people and you can talk to any of us

Precios y Servicios

Do you want to purchase any of our services? For that, it is necessary to Create an account or Login to our site and you can directly purchase the service and monitor the work that is done. is doing!.
You can also contact us by WhatsApp at the number: +5492805068547

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